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24/06 - 20/07/2013

This year the heart of the festival will beat at Plac Wolności. The square is one of the oldest and finest locations in Poznań. Surrounded by the buildings of Raczyńscy Library, National Museum, Arkadia, Bazar Hotel and Rzymski Hotel, it witnessed important events in the city’s history. In the meantime, it was redeveloped, for instance, trees were cut down and a fountain was built.

Malta Festival Poznań wants to breathe new life into it and use the potential of this site in order for it to become the centre of events again. Thanks to the festival, the square will be the place of meetings, cultural events, an area where every inhabitant will find something for herself/himself.

Before, it hosted the shows of groups from France, the USA or Belgium. The premiere of Générik Vapeur’s En Compagne and a parade of taiko drums took place at the square. In 2011 it was the point of departure for a huge puppet from the performance by the group La Fura Dels Baus, which went in the direction of Old Market Square. This year Plac Wolności can aspire to be likened to squares of Edinburgh Fringe Festival. You will find there everything that a person craving for art and fun needs - from music, theatre, dance, singing through creative workshops, cooking duels to stalls, fairs or gardens. Plac Wolności will, indeed, be the epicentre of a city project, Generator Malta.