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24/06 - 20/07/2013

Śródka Garden / photo Marcin Oliva Soto
GalleryŚródka Garden / photo Marcin Oliva Soto
  • During the visits, 15 people will be able to sign up for a visit at one of the gardens, every day. Each day 90 people will go to such meetings in six districts of Poznań. The idea behind is to share the experience of what it means to build a community, and not only a garden. All the invited guests will sit at a common table to eat dinner prepared by the hosts.


    In Śródka, since the very first meeting residents knew what they needed: herbs (!) to prepare an aromatic dish which will be eaten at a long common table. The Garden was firstly called Bez Ogródek ('Bluntly' ), and then changed its name to Republic of Śródka. It is emerging in ul. Śródka 3, at a small square.

    partner: CAFE LA RUINA, who say the following about themselves: 'We want to treat you to your favourite flavours and discoveries. For example, a wheat and rye loaf of bread made with the use of traditional leavening smells beautifully, among colourful cheese cakes and seasonal delicacies. It tastes great with true Greek feta cheese, homemade pesto or lard and pickled cucumbers from mum. In enamelled teapots, we brew leaves of black and green teas from small Asian plantations. Dry Arabica coffee from Czech Double Shot roasting plant opens your eyes. This is the only place in Poland with this type of coffee always in the grinder. We bake, cook and experiment locally, in a small kitchen. Let's skip the rest - it is obvious that everything is better live. We want to be friends with you, and you may be our friends, between the tables. We think that Ruina is a shelter where it is great to be together. The best compliment for us is you - returning'.