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24/06 - 20/07/2013


    A special children's zone will be for the youngest ones an occasion to play - carefree - but also to participate in imagination-stimulating workshops. Every day, in the open children's space with Smart furniture made by VOX the youngest guests will develop their spatial imagination and creativity in numerous tasks. Specific task stimulate individual creative skills. Methods that open all senses and communication channels of children will be used during the workshops. Everything will be fun, and multidimensionality of a small human being will be taken into account.

    Additionally, once a week closed workshops will be held, with registration via e-mail: kids@concordiadesign.pl:
    e-mail: kids@concordiadesign.pl:
    26.06 - Sock animals
    03.07 - Musical Clouds

    13.07 - How to catch memories?

    18.07 - Aromatic pots

    supervision: Natalia Adamczyk