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24/06 - 20/07/2013

Przemek Wiśniewski
GalleryPrzemek Wiśniewski

    a concert for children aged 0-5

    A concert based on songs exciting imagination and emotions, to the words of Julian Tuwim, composed by Jarek Kordaczuk on the occasion of Tuwim Year.

    The concert will present an opportunity to both children and parents to remember the poems close to everybody, irrespective of their age. Basia Raduszkiewicz will sing songs to such poems as: “Lokomotywa”, “Dwa Michały”, “Rozmowa Ptaków” or “Skakanka”.

    The concert will be the first performance of songs from the record “Pstryk! Abecadło” released for the 19th Biennial of Art for Children “Word on the territory of art for children”.

    words: Julian Tuwim
    music: Jarek Kordaczuk
    performing: Basia Raduszkiewicz with band