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24/06 - 20/07/2013

  • section: Art Seeks the Toddler

    sound installation for children aged 4-5 (parents are observers, do not participate in the event)

    Audiopyłki (Audio-pollens) is an innovative project by Centrum Sztuki Dziecka in Poznań which attempts to encourage children to interpret music in a theatrical way. It is a journey of a very small group through the areas of human body and nature. It is a special journey, because it focuses not on the visible but only on the audible. The whole event takes place in a specially designed audiovisual vehicle. The mysterious vehicle aims at putting its passengers in the state of alert and openness to the unknown, an unusual stirring of imagination, initiating a series of associations leading to independent construction of the plot. The artistic experiment attempts to look for potential areas of children’s aesthetic and intellectual sensitivity.

    The concept of Audio-pollen Expedition was devised by Robert Jarosz.
    Audio-pollens we collected, examined and arranged in musical terms by a composer and light programmer, Patryk Lichota.
    Audio-pollen Capsule was designed by a Czech scientist and stage designer, Jan Polivka.
    You will be prepared for the journey by Audio-pollen Guides: Monika Dąbrowska, Anna Białek and Robert Jarosz.