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24/06 - 20/07/2013

  • Joanna Warsza presented her project together with Romani activists and social workers active in Wielkopolska. "Romani Matters. A Project with Majority" was shown in Konin's Centre of Culture and Arts. The choice was not accidental, as lynches on Romani people occurred in Konin in 1980s. In mid-October 2012 there was an exhibition, series of meetings and talks, and artistic interventions there. The project was a proposal to look at the culture of the largest minority in Europe as a source of unexpected but necessary political and social inspirations. Romani are most often stigmatised or marginalised. Even statutory forms of 'working with minorities' introduce divisions into normative majority and the rest which deviates from the norm. Works of among others Pavel Braili, Tamara Moyzes, Marjetic Potreč and Árpád Schilling belonged to the project in Konin. Apart from artists' interventions, consultations with Romani activists were held in a Romani villa let for sale. The gesture will be repeated as part of GENERATOR MALTA's cycle, 'Locals'. Festival audience will have a chance to meet with Romani activists not - as it usually is - during a panel discussion, but at a coffee table, in almost intimate atmosphere. This will be an occasion to ask politically incorrect and correct questions, and confront one's own stereotypes regarding Romani culture.

    partner: Centrum Kultury i Sztuki w Koninie, Stowarzyszenie „Akcja Konin”
    http://www.ckis.konin.pl/, http://www.akcjakonin.pl/