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24/06 - 20/07/2013

  • EXCHANGE CORNER: ECONOMY OF GIVING is a system of mutual exchange of goods and favours, a revolutionary proposal for freer existence in a community which is not limited by the corset of the conventional market. At the end of August 2012, a market free of money emerged in Warsaw. After some time, a community followed which used a special currency - trust. Now, it also functions in Poznań. In practice, the Exchange Corner is making new acquaintances, acquiring new skills and discovering things and activities which make us happy. We learn to notice the value of our own work, and of that of others. Giving is of different quality than selling; what gives us pleasure is the fact of sharing and not money, just a promise of future consumption. Taking is something completely different than purchasing; the power of money and complaints of the client are replaced with authentic gratitude and willingness to reciprocate. The roles we appear in change very often, so the conventional division into customers and sellers does not make sense anymore. At the Exchange Corner, everyone is a freelancer and is free to draw from a rich source of soft and hard competences, talents, crafts and ready-made products. This is a microworld where money does not matter. A programmer may be a confectioner, a dressmaker - Portuguese teaches, and an art curator - a hairdresser. Relationships which are created via exchanges, are non-hierarchical. For many people, the Exchange Corner turned out to be a method to discover oneself, find fulfilment, development, satisfaction and friends.
    Wymiennik 2013, Creative Commons 2.0 BY-NC-SA licence