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24/06 - 20/07/2013

photo Maciej Zakrzewski
Galleryphoto Maciej Zakrzewski
  • Bank of Time is a system supporting bilateral exchange of services and help among its participants. If you provide a service, you do not earn money, but hours. As a participant you can help others in your spare time by doing something that is easy for you, but difficult for someone else. In exchange someone will help you with things, which might be difficult for you. In the Bank of Time everyone can give help and take help, and each hour has the same value.

    The Poznanians active in the Bank of Time will share their knowledge and skill in many areas also on Plac Wolności. The Workshops are also an opportunity to set up your own free account in the bustling Bank of Time.

    Partner: Stowarzyszenie Lepszy Świat