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24/06 - 20/07/2013

Big Thread / photo Marcin Oliva Soto
GalleryBig Thread / photo Marcin Oliva Soto
  • 22.06 - Wilda Garden

    29.06 - Plac Wolności Garden

    6.07 - Śródka Garden

    The project of this ambient installation assumes creation of large-format, hand-woven pictures (billboards), which will constitute a part of the designed gardens. This is an apotheosis of handiwork created at home, which now has a social dimension as well when it enters the streets. It is a performance of sorts: twenty people are embroidering a slogan on a canvas put out in a special frame. Works of art woven in this way will then find their place in public space.

  • At the beginning, there was friendship and passion. The rest was natural since they have handicraft in their blood. Grandmother of Agnieszka, Helena Grygiel, created one of the most beautiful embroideries: Golina spin. Iza's grandma, Teresa, showed her how to embroider on a tambour. Then, Agnieszka embroidered poems of Krystyna Miłobędzka for the poet's 80th birthday in June 2012. Then, they embroidered in a duet. Finally, Iza had an idea for embroidery on a billboard. Why there? First of all, the authors want to advertise closeness initiated by joint actions. Secondly, the large format allows several dozen people to work at once. Thirdly, the slogan, hand-woven into the billboards, is 'exhibited' in the largest gallery in the world, on the street. It becomes a painting which is significant for hundreds of chance passers-by - who are drawn and forced to interpret poetic words. The act restores handicraft to its proper place, and gives creative power back to words. A 'transformation' of sorts takes place with a small stroke over the letter 'C', which changes everything. NIC (NOTHING) becomes NIĆ (A THREAD), a metaphor for connections between people. 'Common creation creates a community', say the performers.

    idea and performance: A LA TEATR: AGNIESZKA GRYGIEL & IZA OSES
    and residents of districts of Poznań