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24/06 - 20/07/2013

  • Organised by “Babiląd”, it is a local version of swapping parties, which are well-known and very popular in the West. They are mostly about exchanging clothes, shoes and other accessories. The popularity of organising those events is a part of a bigger trend of slow fashion and eco fashion. Ladies’ Market is an opportunity to put all unneeded things back into to free circulation: clothes, shoes and accessories, as well as books, CDs, comic books and other various trinkets, which linger in our homes. „This is a three E philosophy: Economical, Ecological and Esthetical. Things circulate among people, they are used until the end, they are not anonymous, they have their history and they are cheap, soulful and often of good quality” (Olga Tokarczuk).

  • BABILĄD. Ośrodek Rozwoju Osobistego Kobiet