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24/06 - 20/07/2013

  • A presentation and continuation of Monika Jakubiak's project implemented in Swarzędz; a mixture of art, education and ecology. The artist and designer explored the topic of an approaching environmental catastrophe brought by extinction of bees. She translated it to artistic actions, to which intellectually disabled children and senior female residents of a local social welfare institution were invited. They supported the project voluntarily. This edition of the project during Malta Festival Poznań is prepared in cooperation with School of Form. The curator is Agata Dąbrowska.

    Within the project we will try to answer questions without unambiguous answers. Is honey a natural resource? What constitutes its value? Can we resign from honey, even at the cost of slow extinction of bees? Experts, nutrition specialists, artists and designers will be asked to discuss the matter. We will speak about experiences of the first edition of the project, show documents about work in apiaries. You are also welcome to attend the lecture by Marta Siembab about disappearing smells as the cause of disturbances in ecosystem and bees’ functioning and to the project workshop during which we will make ceramic pots for honey.