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24/06 - 20/07/2013

  • This is a new project of ASI MINA (Joanna Bronisławska ) and PJESOLO (Aleksander Piotrowski). They met, sat down, and played together. Usually they use guitars and sing obstreperous songs about life. They ask: WHO WANTS? , as they are ready to give something.

    Asi Mina: a musician, creator of music pedagogue, activist. She cooperates with the legendary independent record label mik.musik.! A half of Mołr Drammaz, a member of The Complainer and The Complainers bands. Her solo debut of 2006 was entitled Wszystko mam! Tylko gdzie? (I have everything! But where?), and in 2011 she recorded an album entitled Wybiegły! (They run out!) with Orkiestra Leopolda, a 40-person brass ensemble. She and Lech Janerka wrote the lyrics. She participated in numerous artistic actions and gave many concerts in Poland and abroad (including OFF Festival, Open’er Festival, Mikro–Makro, Ars Cameralis, Unsound, c-side in Israel, SKIF San Petersburg, Subtropic Miami, Puls, Plus Size in London). She teaches guitar and piano playing and organises many original musical workshops.
    PJESOLO: Voice and bass, vocal and bass player of It's working band.