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24/06 - 20/07/2013

  • A group of gourmets and culinary/cultural travellers - Michał Frątczak, Katarzyna Kurzyńska, Emilia Mańkowska, Izabella Nowacka - created a potato (in Poznań dialect: 'pyra') project: 'We started with research into culinary history of Wielkopolska, looking for traditional dishes and methods to prepare them, and for the road of Pyra to our tables. What we focused on were eating habits and contemporary food culture, and influence of changing fashion and lifestyles on everyday meals. In our research, we checked whether local products associated with Poznań are present in residents’ consciousness, putting the emphasis on the potato and knowledge of its history. We wanted to established why Poznanians love 'Pyra' so much, why the taste of jacket potatoes with wonderfully melting butter or sizzling potato pancakes (just taken off the pan) is so special in Poznań'.