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24/06 - 20/07/2013

  • SKUBAS is the last year’s revelation of Polish alternative stage. His debut album Wilczełyko (2012) caused a stir among critics and resulted in his nomination to Fryderyki - the most important Polish award of the music industry. Skubas has a unique, very distinctive timbre of voice. His music is the outcome of a mix of atmospheric, acoustic sounds with the influences of folk and grunge. His original compositions combine rough, guitar riffs with personal lyrics and deep vocals, creating melodic, nostalgic songs, moving masses of fans. During his live performances with the band, he is a real powerhouse of emotions. In production, Skubas emphasizes mostly atmosphere and space. Wilczełyko fills the gap on the Polish music stage and is a return of sorts to simplicity and authenticity. The guest artists appearing on the record include well-known Polish musicians, such as EMADE, Wojtek Sobura, Julia Iwańska and Kev Fox. Andrzej Smolik is responsible for mixing and mastering.