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24/06 - 20/07/2013

  • A screening of a documentary by Antoni Beksiak and Klaudiusz Chrostowski and FAJFY dances with musicians from the Biskupizna micro-region. The initiator of the meeting – a musician and a curator of musical projects – Antoni Beksiak became fascinated with bagpipe music in the mid-90s, when he co-organised dances with Polish folk music in Warsaw („Korzenie” Scene in Riviera-Remont Club). The bagpipers from the Biskupizna micro-region, with whom he cooperated then, constituted a group of vigorous seniors, with a strong feeling of dignity and a sense of connection with their local culture, who were able to create unusual social and artistic situations, full of absurd humour. Among them: Jan z Domachowa Bzdęga, their leader, a lover of folklore, who published a book about local traditions in 1935; Marianna Majchrzak – a magnificent singer, who speaks, out of her own choosing, in the local dialect; Franciszek Pecolt – a bagpiper; Maria Puślednik – a singer; Antonina Jakubczak – a dancer; Piotr Kubiak – a singer.

    „People of yore” (as they are called by the renowned researcher of folklore, Andrzej Bieńkowski) are passing away, most of them are already dead. This thought became the creative impulse behind Beksiak’s film about the rakish Biskupizna heritage and the young people who decided to carry it forward. The film was directed by a young student from the National Higher School of Film, Television and Theatre in Łódź, Klaudiusz Chrostowski; with the artistic guidance of the prominent maker of documentaries Maciej Drygas. After the film, the audience is invited to take part in an energetic dance (as a part of the FIFY programme), where the music of the “old-time” musicians and the dancers from the Biskupianie Folkloric Ensemble from the Domachowo Area (Biskupiański Zespół Folklorystyczny z Domachowa i Okolic) will draw everyone to the dance floor.

    Co-producer of the film: Łódź Film School
    partner: Biskupianie Folkloric Ensemble from the Domachowo Area