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24/06 - 20/07/2013

  • THIEVES LIKE US is a Swedish-American band, formed by a New Yorker, Andy Grier, and two Swedes, Björn Berglund and Pontus Berghe. The musicians met in 2002 in Berlin and were brought together by their fascination with the local dance stage. Initially, they created DJ sets together, afterwards, started to make their own electronic music. Their debut album Play Music (2008) got great reviews both in Europe and across the ocean, and the song Drugs In My Body, coming from the single released earlier, remained a party hit for months.

    The name Thieves Like Us refers to the title of Robert Altman’s film and the cult hit of New Order from 1984. Thieves Like Us play pop music mixed with electro, however, one can also hear the influences from post-punk, new wave and dance. It is likened to the work of such bands as Metronomy or We Have Band. Thieves Like Us reminded of themselves after two years of silence releasing in 2012 their album Bleed Bleed Bleed with Captured Track company.