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24/06 - 20/07/2013

photo Marcin Oliva Soto
Galleryphoto Marcin Oliva Soto
  • On Sunday afternoons soothing music will be floating FREEly on the WOLNO square. We will listen to classical pieces played by music school students. The square will be filled with music performed by quartets and quintets.

    Preparation in cooperation with among others: 'La Stravaganza', M. Karłowicz High School of Music in Poznań and Monika Kusz.


    was created in 2013. It is made up of students of Poznań Academy of Music who play original instruments from the previous ages, and their copies. They focus mostly on Renaissance and Baroque music, presented in a fresh, vital, funny and improvisatory manner. The ensemble has a goal: to leave the hermetic environment of classical music, reach a wider circle of recipients, encourage them to learn more about the world of early music - which after ages of silence shakes off thick layers of dust and ceases to be a fossil, starting to be enjoyable. Line-up: Anna Babula – Baroque violin, Sławomira Raczyńska – Baroque oboe, Martyna Jankowska – Baroque cello, Maksymilian Święch – harpsichord.


    During the concert, the following ensembles will play:

    STRING QUARTET: Julia Owczarek, Wiktoria Bogalska, Weronika Grenda, Joanna Błaszczyk; prepared by Maciej Sztor

    REED TRIO: Maria Plucińska, Małgorzata Rybak, Sara Malińska; prepared by Błażej Pasternak

    BIG BAND: Joanna Budzyńska, Filip Szulc, Magdalena Więckowska, Anna Tabaczyńska, Antonina Nikodem, Borys Kaźmierczak, Małgorzata Rybak, Karolina Kazubek, Natalia Cieśla, Dawid Tokłowicz, Maja Szambelańczyk, Dariusz Rubinowski, Patryk Nowak, Tomasz Orłowski, Joachim Rufael, Hubert Sternalski, Witold Bindulski, Mateusz Filoda, Karolina Walkowiak, Maciej Szulczewski, Kamil Więzowski, Michał Baranowski, Adam Sławiński, Sebastian Skrzypek; prepared by Mariusz Pikulski