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24/06 - 20/07/2013

  • Moja mama Janis is a musical monodrama whose most spectacular part are 15 songs of the legend, Janis Joplin, for the first time translated and sung in Polish. However, the piece is not about Joplin but about a modern, middle-aged woman who succeeded in life in the eyes of the world but her own analysis of her life wakes up the demons of the past: complexes developed at home, an unhappy marriage, a toxic relationship with her mother, unfulfilled dreams and yearning for freedom. It is a very intimate, touching story, alternately sad, cheerful and grotesque. Janis Joplin follows the heroine like a shadow until she tells the story presented in the show. Produced by the Warsaw-based Teatr Roma, the monodrama is not only a well-made show. It is also the story of true emotions – the bond between the actress, the character she plays and the figure of the famous singer goes beyond the regular stage creation. Krystyna Lubelska writes in “Polityka”: Moja mama Janis is not only a brilliant display of acting but also singing skills. The strong, a little hoarse voice of the artist resembles Joplin’s voice but she does not try to imitate the star. She offers her own interpretation of the songs. (...) In all situations, she is guided by love which sometimes leads to desperate screaming. And then Jolanta – Joanna - Janis starts singing in such a way that you are pinned to your seat.” The special guest of the show is Sławek Wierzcholski – a harmonica virtuoso and the leader of Nocna Zmiana Bluesa.


  • JOLANTA LITWIN-SARZYŃSKA is a singer and actress, the laureate of many festivals, the winner of, for instance, the Grand Prix of song festivals in Lublin, Poznań and Warsaw. At Festiwal Teatrów Muzycznych in Gdynia she received the award in the category “best female part” for her monodrama Moja mama Janis. She cooperated with Teatr Muzyczny in Gdynia, Teatr Powszechny in Radom, Teatr Komedia and Teatr Powszechny in Warsaw. At the moment, she collaborates with Teatr Syrena in Warsaw.