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24/06 - 20/07/2013

  • In a small town with a strictly determined social hierarchy, the dog of an affluent Baker’s Wife dies. Due to the intrigues of a rogue Cricket, citing the title last will of the dog, the local parish priest is persuaded to perform a solemn, Catholic burial of the animal. When the Bishop finds out about it, the issue gets more complicated and further bequests have to be added to the last will. The story is a framework for a modern morality play, combining surrealism, grotesque and anticlerical satire in order to ask who is good and who is bad, who is lying and who is telling the truth. Ariano Suassuna wrote: “in my play there is not a single sentence or a single word against the truth preached by the Church. In fact, I ridicule in it a bad priest and a bad bishop.” The first version of the show, produced in the State Drama School in Wrocław, delighted both the jury of the Theatre Schools Festival and the audience. In Teatr Nowy, Remigiusz Brzyk combines the energy of young graduates with the experience of the actors of Teatr Nowy, making a new version of the story.

  • Remigiusz Brzyk is the graduate of the Department of Puppetry of the State Drama School in Wrocław (1995) and the Department of Drama Direction of the State Drama School in Cracow (1998) with Krystian Lupa as his year’s tutor. From the cooperation with Lupa, Brzyk gained the ability to work with the actor and the dislike for superficiality and surplus of theatrical devices. His shows focus on characters’ psychological motives and thorough analysis of the literary material. He selects texts for staging very carefully. His favourite authors are: Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Sophocles, Arthur Miller and Sławomir Mrożek. The second characteristic adopted from Lupa is the manner of creation of the theatrical world - originating entirely in the director’s imagination. Usually, Brzyk designs scenography by himself, sometimes, he selects music on his own. He tries to create a complete, internally coherent reality on stage.

  • text: Ariano Suassuna
    translation: Witold Wojciechowski and Danuta Żmij
    direction: Remigiusz Brzyk
    scenography, costumes: Małgorzata Zelek
    costumes: Agnieszka Majkutewicz
    music: Filip Kalinowski, Anna Porzyc (AM)
    composer’s supervision: Zbigniew Karnecki
    performed by: Antonina Choroszy, Gabriela Frycz, Anna Mierzwa, Julia Rybakowska, Martyna Zaremba, Filip Frątczak, Mateusz Ławrynowicz, Aleksander Machalica, Andrzej Niemyt, Ildefons Stachowiak, Mariusz Zaniewski, Bartosz Nowicki (guest), Adam Mortas (guest), Szymon Piotr Warszawski (guest), Czesław Skwarek (guest).
    stage manager: Dorota Standełło
    premiere: 14 June 2013