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24/06 - 20/07/2013

phot. Roberto Carotenuto
Galleryphot. Roberto Carotenuto
  • Or explores the analogy between the grammatical notion of a gerund clause, a sentence without a predicate and a “performative utterance” in which an event is presented outside of action, only by actors’ presence on stage. Dance is understood as a mechanism based on the dialectics of time and equivalence of forms, an event and repetition. According to Paolo Ruffini Or is “a show affecting the body and mind of the audience. The performers remain riskily suspended between the recurrence of dance phrases and impossibility to build a narrative out of them.” The director’s work seems to be an attempt at a critical redefinition of the idea of perception itself, at creating an installation on stage whose framework is outlined by quality leaps. In the show, the mechanism is disclosed, undermined, set anew and immediately destroyed.

    A film Courtesy Of about the three-year project by Silvia Rampelli with the participation of people suffering from Parkinson’s disease will also be screened as the part of the festival. Parkinson’s disease is the disorder of the central nervous system, causing slowness of movement, imbalance and difficulty in performing the most basic activities. The body succumbs to convulsions or, on the contrary, freezes unaware in one position. Will, body and action cease to make a harmonious whole defining the man. The convulsing body becomes a metaphor for the disintegration of a subject as a whole, underscores the discontinuity of an individual.

  • SILVIA RAMPELLI is a philosopher and since 1990 also a director. Having experimented with butoh theatre in France, in 2002 in Italy she formed the group Habillé d’eau. The members of the group are: Alessandra Cristiani, Andreana Notaro, Francesca Proia, Elisabetta di Terlizzi and Eleonora Chiocchini. The director’s research subject is the human being as an aesthetic and cognitive object and the fluid boundary between natural movement and choreography. Habillé d’Eau is considered one of the most interesting and radical dance groups in Italy. Its works are marked by an extraordinary discipline and strict aesthetic rules.

  • concept, direction: Silvia Rampelli
    performance by: Alessandra Cristiani, Eleonora Chiocchini, Andreana Notaro, Silvia Mai
    production: Habillé D’Eau, ZTL-Pro
    communication: Claudia Rampelli
    with the contribution of: Provincia di Roma, Assessorato alle Politiche Culturali, Teatro Due di Roma
    in collaboration with: Fondazione Romaeuropa /Palladium and Teatro di Roma

    première: 10.05.2012