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24/06 - 20/07/2013

  • As Kurt Hentschläger says: “Perception, or rather the interpretation of what we see, builds the fundaments of our being in the world.” FEED is an extraordinary audiovisual show, exploring the limits of perception of the audience member. The artist explores the body and states of subconsciousness of the viewer, poses questions about the limits of perception, the inside and outside, illusion and reality.

    FEED - composition for fog, stroboscopes and pulse light - resembles a ritual leading to the complete loss of spatial sense of direction. It becomes an extremely powerful psychosomatic session of losing oneself. "FEED in title is a triple entendre, evoking at the same time an energy flow, a catheter tube and a rather primal form of ingestion - if not cattle chow than at the very least what would have to be an undifferentiated form of gastronomy. As a performance work, Feed similarly conveys an equivalent array of references, portraying the death throes of a herd of humanoid clones, to reveal the nihilistic ideology underlying the shooter-gametechnology used to create them."

  • KURT HENTSCHLÄGER is a multimedia artist who creates audiovisual performances and installations. In the 1980s he used to construct surrealistic objects-machines; later on his works focused on making use of the potential of audiovisual media - animation, video, film and sound.

    In the years 1992-2003, as part of Granular-Synthesis together with Ulf Langheinrich, he created immersive installations, performances and soundscapes which put the audience in a state of overwhelming, sensory stimulation. Kurt Hentschläger investigates human perception and the influence of new technologies on individual and collective consciousness. His works have an immersive character, referring to the limited nature of sensory perception of reality. The artist now lives and works in Chicago, USA but exhibits his works all around the world, including the Venice Biennale, National Art Museum of China Beijing, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam or ICC Tokyo.

  • max & unreal scripting: MICHAEL FERRARO
    3D modeling: FRANCISCO NARANGO,
    wiht the support of: Bundeskanzleramt: Kunst / Federal, Chancellery Austria,
    Land Oberoesterreich – Kultur / Cultural Dept.-State of Upper Austria
    commissioned by: Venice Theatre Biennial in 2005
    premiere: Venice Theatre Biennial in 2005