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24/06 - 20/07/2013

  • The project is made up of several stages in various parts of the world; in the end one multicultural work will include all the intermediary creations. The first stage is Malta Festival Poznań 2013. The hero of the project is an ordinary person, their emotions and momentary consciousness of participation in a creative process. The action does not seek to answer the eternal questions of: Who is the artist? What is art? What is more important - the creative process or the work? It only is to encourage reflection and show (document) subtle experiences of all participants. At the same time, it becomes a pretext for further discussion. Participants invited to the project will be given GPS localisation devices. Each of them will move around the city and 'draw' a graph with their everyday life, a part of the final film. Traces left by each of the participants will be transformed by the artist as his graphic inspiration tells him. Participants (residents and artists of the festival) will also be filmed by the author. Five-minute-long portraits will be gathered in a one-hour-long film, to be presented at Plac Wolności during the Festival.


    live music: Irek Wojtczak irekwojtczak.com

    screenings with Outdoor Cinema equipment