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24/06 - 20/07/2013

photo Bartłomiej Sowa
Galleryphoto Bartłomiej Sowa
  • The show is based on a play written for Teatr Nowy, which freely draws on the famous drama by Henrik Ibsen. In this very contemporary interpretation, Nora is a beautiful and rich young woman, who focuses on building her own image and achieving success. Her relations with people are superficial and limited to hundreds of pseudo-friends who she communicates with on Facebook. The artists compare Nora’s house — the title “doll’s house” — to the wild jungle of show business, inhabited by celebrities shining in the flashes of camera, fighting for media attention and their fans’ souls. What reflection of contemporary society will we see in this distorting pop-culture mirror?

  • Michał Siegoczyński is an actor and a director. He studied at such schools as SPOT Acting School in Cracow, Theatre Academy in Warsaw and in the drama section of ZASP (Association of Polish Stage Actors). He cooperates with many theatres in Poland. His most important shows include: “How I ate a dog” by Evgenij Grishkovec (Teatr im. H. Modrzejewskiej in Legnica, 2004), “Wieje” (Teatr im. W. Bogusławskiego in Kalisz, 2004; awarded during 44th Kalisz Theatre Meetings), “Tape” by Stephen Belber (Teatr Stara Prochownia in Warsaw), “Uwaga, złe psy!” by Remigiusz Grzela (Teatr Wytwórnia in Warsaw), “.... syn” (Bałtycki Teatr Dramatyczny in Koszalin), “Elling” based on Ingvar Ambjřrnsen’s book (Teatr Nowy Praga in Warsaw), “HollyDay” based on Truman Capote’s story (Teatr Studio in Warsaw). In 2001 he directed the film “Po” - a metaphysical thriller from his own screenplay.