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24/06 - 20/07/2013

  • 7 ways are 7 interactions of the artist with objects - 7 peculiar duets. Common things, once they meet with the artist’s body, come to life, become a partner in the game of pulling and pushing, and cause anxiety by their mysterious presence. The result is a moving choreography of the body and mind, crossing the division into animate and inanimate, human and inhuman, hallucination and reality. In an empty space, illuminated only with cold light, Geumhyung Jeong explores the potential of the body - its sensuality, power to change the surroundings and ability to undergo transformations through the power of desire. Ostentatious simplicity of the show, its literal character and mechanical accuracy brutally reveal emptiness and loneliness of a contemporary human. However, the show remains poetic and amusing, provoking reflection on the divisions inside the human being: where does the boundary between the body and the machine lie? 

    performed by: Geumhyung Jeong

  • GEUMHYUNG JEONG is a choreographer, dancer and performer. In her works, she constantly renegotiates the relationship between the human body and objects which surround it. She uses plain, everyday objects upon which she bestows a weird, disconcerting life through an intense and risky interaction with her own body. The projects combine her experience in dance with puppet theatre and documentary theatre. Geumhyung Jeong graduated from Korean Academy of Film Arts, Korean National University of Arts and Hoseo University.