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24/06 - 20/07/2013

  • Imprisoned in his own flat, an ailing father after a stroke cannot deal with the simplest everyday activities. The son has to bring the father up like a child with no hope that the child will ever grow up. The father’s flat becomes a hospital, shelter and museum full of objects from the past which does not want to disappear. Yellowed books, old furniture, snatches of sentences and the smell of fruit brought for the father bring back the memories from childhood and adolescence in the (non)reality of the People’s Republic of Poland.

  • Szymon Kaczmarek (born 1896) graduated from the Department of Direction of the State Drama School in Cracow. He directed such shows as: The Temptation of Quiet Veronica by Robert Musil in Teatr Nowy in Cracow (2008), The Taming of the Shrew by William Shakespeare in Teatr Wybrzeże (2008), the show @linka based on the blog Mydziecisieci in Stary Teatr in Cracow (2008) – one of the three parts of “blogi.pl" which was created with the international Theatre Festival BlogTXT in Schauspielhaus in Graz in mind. The show received the first award and the director of Narodowy Stary Teatr in Cracow at that time, Mikołaj Grabowski, included it in the theatre’s permanent repertoire. In Stary Teatr he also directed Our town by Thornton Wilder (2011) and Kordian by Juliusz Słowacki (2012). In Teatr Dramatyczny in Warsaw he made Ewangelia (2009) and with the collective Harakiri Farmers the performance Keret (awarded in the competition NEW SITUATIONS at Malta Festival). He cooperated with Krystian Lupa on the show Factory 2 in which he also played the part of a journalist.

  • text: Wojciech Staszewski
    direction: Szymon Kaczmarek
    dramaturgy: Żelisław Żelisławski
    performed by: Ewa Szumska, Wojciech Kalwat, Jakub Papuga, Paweł Siwiak, Waldemar Szczepaniak, Sylwester Woroniecki
    Premiere 24.05.2013