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24/06 - 20/07/2013

  • Czas nas uczy pogody is a music show which transforms our Polish, stereotypical image of old age, inspired by the performance of the band Young@Heart at Malta Festival Poznań 2011. According to Krzysztof Materna: “it is the story about ‘the youth in the old age’, thus, telling that even though we grow in experiences and wisdom with age, it is also worth retaining happiness, energy and will to create”. On stage, we will see seniors – amateur singers – and hear the gems of Polish popular music, with such memorable songs as: Czas nas uczy pogody or Kiedy byłem małym chłopcem. As Aneta Kozioł wrote in “Polityka”: “Materna did not try to close the amateur artists in some storyline or impose on them roles to enact. Instead, he created atmosphere in which they were not afraid to open up, infused them with courage, encouraged to show their souls. (...) It was such a success that the relaxed, friendly atmosphere on stage infected the audience who not only admires the great performances, but also hums the songs together with the performers. It transpires that singing together can be a remedy both to the autumn of life and the dullness of the outside.”

  • KRZYSZTOF MATERNA is a director, actor, satirist and producer, art director of the Solidarity of Arts festival where he every year directs the biggest jazz shows in Poland (in 2010 Możdżer+ with Leszek Możdżer as the leading part, in 2011 Marcus+ with Marcus Miller and in 2012 Stańko+ with Tomasz Stańko and Quincy Jones as a special guest). In IMKA Theatre he appears as the leading character in the play Henryk Sienkiewicz: Greatest Hits, written and directed by himself. He is also the author and main character of the monodrama Dobry Wieczór Państwu, staged in Teatr Polonia. Together with Grzegorz Markowski, he prepares features “Listy niewysłane” for the weekly “Newsweek Polska” and a Tuesday programme “Daję słowo” for the first channel of the Polish Radio.

  • Direction: Krzysztof Materna
    Music direction: Janusz Bogacki
    Performed by: senior citizens aged above 65 years old
    Members of the music band: Janusz Bogacki – piano, Tomasz Bogacki – guitar, Paweł Pańta – double bass, Bogdan Kulik – drums
    Premiere 30.12.2012