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24/06 - 20/07/2013

  • The show ... i my wszyscy. Odcinek 0 features actors aged 16 to 40, mainly with Down’s Syndrome, some with autism. Justyna Sobczyk intended to make a show about unemployment among the disabled but since one of the actors is Piotr Swend – playing Maciek in the TV series Klan and the most famous person with Down’s syndrome in Poland, the dream of a job turned into the dream to play in a series. The show is a dream come true – creating a “series” together. Can a TV series replace reality? What shall we do if every day begins in the same way and nothing new awaits us, because we have no job, have a low feeling of self-worth or feel not independent enough? Or maybe it makes more sense to use the series to change our life? The actors of Teatr 21 decide to take things in their own hands and make their own series. Is it only a series? Does preparing a part differ so much from planning your own life? Or maybe it is the first step into adulthood?

  • The founder of TEATR 21 is Justyna Sobczyk who studied Special Education and Theatre Studies. She says: “Treating actors as fully-fledged adult people is the fundamental premise of Teatr 21. It is not some act of kindness promoted ever so often by different big foundations and media. People with mental disabilities are portrayed there as poor children who are only waiting for to get all emotional and congratulate them on a beautifully sung song. It is not me! It is not my way. We make serious theatre. We may never join the mainstream or be accepted by the ‘real’ theatrical world, but we do not need that. We just do our job.”

  • direction: JUSTYNA SOBCZYK, screenplay: aktorzy Teatru 21, JUSTYNA SOBCZYK, JUSTYNA LIPKO-KONIECZNA, dramaturgy: JUSTYNA LIPKO-KONIECZNA, stage movement: BOŻENA GAWERSKA-PANFIL, music: PAWEŁ ANDRYSZCZYK, video: TOMEK MICHALCZEWSKI, MICHAŁ ŁASKAWIEC, scenography, costumes, lighting design: AGATA SKWARCZYŃSKA, EWA MACHNIO, artistic consultation: JAKUB DRZEWIECKI
    production: AGNIESZKA SZYMAŃSKA, występują / performed by: aktorzy Teatru 21 – GRZEGORZ BRANDT, ANIA DRÓZD, TERESA FOKS, MAJA KOWALCZYK, DANIEL KRAJEWSKI, BARBARA LITYŃSKA, ANNA ŁUCZAK, ALEKSANDER ORLIŃSKI, MICHAŁ PĘSZYŃSKI, ALEKSANDRA SKOTAREK, MARTA STAŃCZYK, PIOTR SWEND, MAGDALENA ŚWIĄTKOWSKA, partners: Fundacja Win-Win, Instytut Teatralny im. Zbigniewa Raszewskiego, Społeczne Towarzystwo Oświatowe, Zespół Społecznych Szkół Specjalnych „Dać Szansę”, Teatr Studio, premiere: 18.12.2012

    The show was made with the support of the Capital City of Warsaw.