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24/06 - 20/07/2013

  • A network of local cinemas and multimedia rooms allowing small groups alternative access to cultural goods. It is created within the already existing public and private infrastructure, such as schools, education institutions, sports facilities, libraries, fire stations, sanatoriums, cultural centres, cafes. 'Our project may fill a niche we are analysing - natural behaviours of small groups who want to experience certain cultural phenomena together. These groups lack places to meet. The Cinema Round the Corner network may be a good solution for them. It will present cinematography (including current and classic film works), multimedia shows, and concerts, and will broadcast important cultural and sports events live.'

  • Chwaliszewo Garden

    MONDAYS, 22:00

    24.06, 01.07, 08.07, 15.07

    Łazarz Garden

    TUESDAYS, 20:00

    25.06 (Exc: 22:00), 02.07, 09.07, 16.07

    Śródka Garden

    WEDNESDAYS, 22:00

    29.06, 06.07 13.07, 20.07

    Wilda Garden

    SATURDAYS, 21:30

    29.06, 06.07, 13.07, 20.07