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24/06 - 20/07/2013

  • It is an experimental cycle, reflecting on the “tragedy of the future”. The point of departure was the Greek tragedy, constituting - according to the director - the “nature of theatre”, being a “reference point” or the “Pole Star” of theatre. According to Societas, however, a modern tragedy has to be organized on new principles. The characteristic features of Tragedia Endogonidia include dispersion, focus on the feminine element, lack of chorus explaining the hero’s actions, its silence and tangibility which become the central figures of the show. The cycle is composed of eleven episodes made in different European cities (Cesena, Avignon, Berlin, Brussels, Bergen, Paris, Rome, Strasbourg, London, Marseille and again Cesena). The title of the project refers to culture and biology. It pertains, on the one hand, to the form of a tragedy, while on the other, to organisms which reproduce by fission (thus, the term endogonidia), so to small immortal beings. Therefore, the title is an oxymoron - it could be translated as “immortality of the end” - because the essence of the tragedy was based on the hero’s death.

  • ROMEO CASTELLUCCI (curator of Idiom: oh man, oh machine / człowiek-maszyna) belongs to the circle of artists who define contemporary European theatre. He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts of Bologna where he studied panting and stage design. In 1981 he founded the Socìetas Raffaello Sanzio group in which he creates to date, combining visual arts, theatre and performance. In 2005 he curated the programme of the Theatre Biennale in Venice and in 2008 he was artiste associé, i.e. the co-creator of the Avignon Festival programme. His stage shows are presented in the most significant theatres and festivals in the world. Romeo Castellucci visited Poland for the first time for Malta Festival where in 2001 he presented his outstanding, award-winning show Genesi and in 2004 another show - Voyage au bout de la nuit.