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24/06 - 20/07/2013

  • The results of our photosensitive wanderings were almost 40 thousand kilometres, over 50 places and 154 screenings. Where did we go, why were the wanderings photosensitive? No one knows exactly how many cinemas there are in Poland. Definitely too few. No one needs to be explained what the screen magic consists in. In most of the towns of Poland people have no access to it, however. We used to have travelling cinemas, where bed sheets were spread in the meadow or on the wall of a school or barn. At nights, films were screened. The whole village came to see. Imagine now - there are people with a beautiful idea: they get into a van, take a new and interesting Polish film with them, as well as its author, and go through Poland. Stopping in small towns and villages sometimes unmarked on maps, they screen the film in places completely untypical for cinemas. Then, the author and spectators talk. This is really happening. The Photosensitive Poland is a project by Dorota Kędzierzawska and Arthur Reinhart: 'We created an alternative film map of Poland. When we reach the tiniest villages in our country, we organise screenings of unique character. The cinema operates all year round'.