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24/06 - 20/07/2013

This year Stara Gazownia will attract crowds of Kraftwerk’s music fans. On June 28 the walls of the historic and deteriorating Stara Gazowania will be lit up. It will be an extraordinary performance in a 3D futuristic arrangement. After all, Kraftwerk means not only music, but also the visual idiom of Malta Festival Poznań 2013.
We know that the buildings of Stara Gazowania at Grobla Street were constructed in 19th century. Their glory days fell at the turn of 20th century and in 1970s the complex became deserted. Stara Gazowania seems another venue on the map of Poznań which enchants artists with its dilapidated space. In 2010 during Malta Festival Cyganeria by Teatr Wielki in Poznań had its premiere there. It was a huge production with a crowd of people, scaffoldings and splendour.