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24/06 - 20/07/2013

  • Man in Mall is the part of the performative research platform reside-project that has been co-created for a few years by Daniel Landau and a choreographer, Anat Danieli. The starting point is the relationship between the human being and the area he/she occupies, reflecting broader socio-political processes and their impact on human private reality. In Poznań the artists will blend in the shopping arcade of the Old Brewery, asking about the role of an individual in the intricate structure of capitalism. Every edition of reside-project features the same process: faces of the show characters are filmed in huge masks and displayed on screens. The dancers lend their bodies to these unique “talking heads” , thus creating a “digital physical consciousness” in which reality and fiction merge. Distinguishing social mechanisms and transforming them into the building blocks of movement and voice, Daniel Landau explores the key notions related to body, time and identity.

    Concept: Daniel Landau
    Choreography: Sharon Zuckerman Weizer
    Starring: Yuval Fingerman, Janusz Orlik, Barbara Bujakowska
    Sound: Daniel Meir

  • Daniel Landau is an artist working at the meeting point of performance, video art and installation. He graduated in New Media and Music Composition from the Royal Conservatory in the Netherlands. The mechanisms of narration, combining the documentary with the abstract that enable the analysis of socio-political reality play the key role in his works. His works were exhibited in galleries and museums as well as at festivals all around the world, including Jerusalem, New York, Amsterdam, Berlin, Paris and Mexico City. Daniel Landau teaches art and technology at Midrasha School of Art. He is also the co-founder of Information & Mind - a research programme focused on psycho-cognitive effects of living in the era of hyper-communication and information overload.

    Sharon Zuckerman has danced for Johanne Saunier and Yasmeen Godder, collaborated on a duo with Arco Renz and played in Jan Decorte’s BETONLIEBE+FLEISCHKRIEG ‘MEDEIA’ (2002). Her solo Soulonely (2002) and the duo Refusal (2003) were presented in Tel Aviv. She has recently worked as an actress for film and television and as a dancer for the Israeli choreographer Ronit Ziv.