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24/06 - 20/07/2013

Angela Bedekovic
GalleryAngela Bedekovic
  • Tableaux Vivants is the outcome of collaboration between Anne Juren, a fine-art artist Roland Rauschmeier and an Austrian composer Johannes Maria Staud. The dancers’ bodies coexist in the show with paintings, sculptures and video works, creating spatial “living images” pulsating with energy. Specific logic, history and language of visual arts encounter performative art. The body finds its continuation in a painting, the painting in a body, questioning the boundaries between species, disturbing the audience’s perception. The form, colour, texture and matter are set in motion, creating, with the composition of Johannes Maria Staud, a moving image or spatial set. The music for the show was created by a Vienna band PHACE | contemporary music.


  • Anne Juren is a French choreographer and dancer, based in Vienna. Having received a degree from Conservatoire National Supérieur de Danse de Lyon and graduated in French Literature from the Sorbonne, she spent one year on a placement with Trisha Brown Company in New York (2000). She is the founder of the Wiener Tanz- und Kunstbewegung association in Vienna and the author of such choreographies as the solo A? (2003), J’aime (2004, in cooperation with Alice Chauchat), solo Code Series (2005) and Look Look (2007, in cooperation with Kroot Juurak) as well as a group work Komposition (2008). In 2008 she was the artist-in-residence in Tanzquartier Wien, where she participated in two European art programmes IDEE and APAP under which she made a series of works entitled Patterns of Sport and Dance. She also worked as a choreographer for Burgtheater and was one of the curators of the festival Quick Change in Tanzquartier Wien in Vienna.

    Roland Rauschmeier studied Analytic Philosophy at the University of Munich and Freie Universität Berlin and afterwards Conceptual Art under the auspices of Renée Green at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. Since graduation in 2005, he has been working as an independent artist. His artistic activity focuses on painting, sculpture and new media.