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24/06 - 20/07/2013


Sehgal is an artist who, as he has said himself, ‘works with attention’. His works comprise installations made not with objects but with subjects, both performers and audiences. The projects are about community and closeness, about people as social beings, about the collective and the individual. The work he has been nominated for, These Associations is considered one of the best projects created for the famous Turbine Hall at London’s Tate Modern as part of The Unilever Series. During its thirteen years of existence the series has included projects developed for this special exhibition space by renowned artists like Louise Bourgeois, Juan Muñoz, Anish Kapoor, Bruce Nauman, Olafur Eliasson, Ai Weiwei and Mirosław Bałka.

Tino Sehgal has been invited to Malta Festival Poznań by Romeo Castellucci, the Curator of this year’s Idiom oh man, oh machine / człowiek-maszyna.

The remaining three nominees for the 2013 Turner Prize are Lynette Yiadom-Boakye, Laure Prouvost and David Shrigley.