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24/06 - 20/07/2013


We do have a good nose for debuts! This year’s Fryderyk Award* nominees, both in pop music and jazz, include artists who starred at our festivals last year. Kari Amirian (nominated in the category debut of the year – pop music) performed in the Culture Walkway during Malta Festival Poznań 2012, whilst PIANOHOOLIGAN Piotr Orzechowski (nominated in the category debut of the year – jazz) took part in the project Gurdżijew / de Hartmann versus Masecki / Orzechowski during Nostalgia Festival Poznań 2012. Together with Marcin Masecki he interpreted the music of the Armenian mystic, G.I. Gurdjieff. The concert was played on two pianos in the atmospheric interiors of the Jesuit Fathers’ church in Poznań.

* The Fryderyk Awards are the most important event in the Polish recording industry. The awards are conferred every year by the Phonographic Academy comprising some 1200 musicians, authors, composers, music producers, journalists and representatives of record labels.