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24/06 - 20/07/2013

We live in the world where we are being constantly attacked, simply flooded with images which are to force us into bigger, faster, more automatic consumption. Art is a break from looking under duress. It is a chance for freedom and escaping from the prison of entertainment and consumption in which we function every day. An experience which has nothing to “sell”, is only (or as much as) an act of looking and contemplating. Let’s have a brief respite, let’s meet at “Malta”!

But before that happens, we suggest some creative entertainment (which is an inherent part of our festival) and play at designing bitmap festival patterns using the specially made application.


Lack of consistency? Well, we are humans, not machines!
What do all kinds of “machines” and mechanisms mean to us? Can we control them or are we part of the Matrix? During this year’s festival we will explore the relationship between the man and the machine understood as a synonym of broadly defined technology and mechanisms, such as language or law, which are external to the man.

June 24 - July 20