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24/06 - 20/07/2013


"The 3D visuals [...] were beautifully done and occasionally flatly astonishing: the lyrics of The Robots hung over the crowd's head, and there were audible gasps when a satellite careered out of the screen during Spacelab. But in truth, Kraftwerk's music remains utterly captivating in itself. In theory, music that was considered impossibly futuristic 30 years ago should have dated, yet it audibly hasn't. [...]

But Kraftwerk's timelessness has less to do with subtle updating than the quality of the songs they wrote. What was striking about 1981's Computer Love wasn't the discreet contemporary makeover, or even how prescient the lyrics about human communication via computers turned out to be, but what a perfect pop song it is. [...]

The quality of the music is beyond question, the spectacles are genuinely spectacular: somehow, in a world packed with heritage acts playing their back catalogues, Kraftwerk still feel unique."

Alexis Petridis Kraftwerk-review "The Guardian", 7/02/2013

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Malta Festival Poznań 2013
28/06/2013, Stara Gazownia