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24/06 - 20/07/2013


15.05 (Wednesday) - I want (no) reality
film / discussion about NEEDCOMPANY*

8:00 pm, Audiovisual Room CK Zamek

On May 15 we would like to invite you to the screening of the film I want (no) reality, directed by Ana Brzezińska. “I don’t want to be a guru, I just want to work with people. Life is about creating good art and being surrounded with love” – says Jan Lauwers in the film. He is the founder and art director of the Belgian theatre group Needcompany, which the documentary tells about. These words reflect probably in the best way the character of work of one of the most popular avant-garde groups which changed permanently the face of European theatre and dance. For 25 years Needcompany has been telling moving and full of passion stories about people, revolutionizing the standards of contemporary art. The film creators show that more than only artistic competence lies behind the success of Needcompany.

At 9:00 pm, right after the film screening, a discussion panel with the director, Ana Brzezińska, will take place. The discussion will be moderated by Anna R. Burzyńska.

In 2010 Needcompany presented at “Malta” its triptych Sad Face I Happy Face. The audience welcomed the group enthusiastically. This year the audience will be treated to a double dose of Flemish frenzy. Needcompany will perform as many as two shows: Mush-room and Marketplace 76.

17.05 (Friday) - Les guerriers de la beauté
film / discussion around JAN FABRE*

8:00 pm, Audiovisual Room CK Zamek

On May 17 we will screen the film Les Guerriers de la Beauté, directed by Pierre Coulibeuf. It is an extraordinary work – a film labyrinth inspired by choreographic and theatrical output of Jan Fabre. The film Les Guerriers de la Beauté is an adaptation and transformation of the potential hidden in the choreographer’s mind. Cropping, lighting, sound and montage reflect the internal world of the Belgian artist.

A discussion around the output of Jan Fabre will take place after the film screening, at 9:00 pm, with the participation of Katarzyna Makuch, Jarosław Lubiak and Tomasz Swoboda, moderated by Katarzyna Tórz.

Jan Fabre showed at Malta Festival Poznań 2010 his acting, dancing and singing solo Another Sleepy Dusty Delta Day. The outcome of the Master Workshop in 2010 was the show Prometheus Landscape II, presented at the festival in 2011. Katarzyna Makuch, a Polish actress selected during the Master Workshop, appeared in the show and will be the guest of the Friday meeting.

* Film screenings and discussions take place as part of the festival BeLow, Flemish and Dutch Culture in Poznań and Wielkopolska