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24/06 - 20/07/2013

Although the sports arena of Poznańskie Ośrodki Sportu i Rekreacji (POSIR) is marked on the map of Malta Festival for the first time, it will host two shows of a remarkable group, Needcompany, whose every performance enchants and hypnotizes the walls of the building in which it performs. It was the case in 2010 during their performance of the triptych Sad Face/Happy Face at Poznań International Fair where you could smell emotions in the air and hear hearts shivering. Needcompany has the ability to build an oneiric world and surrealist sessions, therefore the audience of Malta Festival should be prepared to enter not a gym, but the land of imagination and poetry. In the sport facility of POSIR, Needcompany will present two shows: Mush-room which is an act of opposition towards melancholy and feeling of the end as well as Marketplace 76, a four-part, post-epic story of a gas tanker explosion.

POSiR - Oddział Chwiałka is a sport and entertainment complex, located in the centre of Poznań, providing a wide range of services to inhabitants and visitors. The sports arena, whose surface area is as much as 646 m², enables the organisation of basketball and volleyball league matches and ballroom dance competitions.