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24/06 - 20/07/2013

By initiation of a garden at Plac Wolności we want to revive the green heart of the city that it once was. We want to create a place for meetings, creativity and co-existence of residents. Colourful flowers, high shrubs and aromatic herbs will be a part of a micro-city friendly to Poznań residents. Everything started with planting of a fluorescent, yellow forsythia. Residents and Plac Wolności Association actively participated in creation of the garden. This was also the location of two-day-long workshops, where plant pots were created from banners. As a result, several dozen original pots were made, and they will be used in all city gardens.

The 'Better World' Association provides social assistance, promotes neighbourhood watch, education and independent culture, and conducts social campaigns. It endorses fair trade, international and social solidarity, human rights and sustainable development. Its motto is: Let's create a world where organisation such as ours will not be needed anymore!