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24/06 - 20/07/2013

Łazarz Garden will be located close to Community Club 'Krąg'. In a plot of land in ul. Potockiej, dreams of local residents about common and pleasant space free from pollution and noise will come true. Together with children from scout Szczep Łazarz and seniors living in neighbouring blocks we want to create a place full of decorative flowers, bushes and uncomplicated garden architecture objects. Also other associations: Yellow Submarines and Youth Cultural Centre are actively participating in the project.

Krąg has been involved in the life of Łazarz district for years. Let us just remind you the diary competition 'My Łazarz', photography and art exhibitions promoting the district (for instance Łazarz Impressions, Łazarz Secession) and remembrance for the personage of Stanisław Strugarek. Right now, the Szczep of Scout Teams Łazarz is active here, together with two tourist associations and five amateur artistic ensembles, including the oldest, 'Spring Crocuses'. There are several sections of the Club devoted to Esperanto, water divination, stamp collection, bridge, astronomy, karate, homing pigeons, and aerobics. Courses of ballroom dancing, foreign languages and driving are organised. The Seniors' Club, Bamberka, is the most active section of the Club. It most prominent yearly event is the Days of Łazarz, organized at the turn of May and June for 24 years already.